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Skin Care Commentary, January 2018
Skin care products are a multi-billion year industry, with most of them promising eternal youth/ It used to be anti-aging, but that is now old-fashioned. Resourceful companies now come up with 'Youth', "Radiance". It is all a big slice marketing game. I have written articles on the subject and while, it appears that nothing has changed, a lot has changed.

Nineteen years and stronger than ever
As of this month, we are entering our nineteenth year in the skin care business. During these nineteen years we have learned a great deal, have made mistakes but, above all, we have enjoyed the time.

Where to buy skin care products
Every now and then a client brings in a multi-level marketing skin care product believing it to be the absolutely best anti-aging product ever developed while trying to convince us to sign up, sell the product to clients, whom will then sell it to others.

Who Do You Trust
We occasionally jot down some of the buzz words that are used to advertize skin care products in the media. This would be highly amusing if they were not so ludicrous. The FDA should crack down on these totally misleading and untrue statements.

Know Your Esthetician
We met a first-time client recently who had purchased used skin care equipment from various sources, for use at home. The client had also managed to buy products through a medical friend (should not have happened); we use these products in our skin care treatments.

What You Should Know About Peptides
There many skin-care related Peptides manufactured today, each with its own specific purpose in life, some developed synthetically in a laboratory and others derived from plant materials. Some Peptides act as muscle relaxants; others reduce inflammation and some increase skinís elasticity. All of them address anti-aging.

Happy, Healthy Skin: Turning Back the Clock
Renew your youth through Collagen Infusion Therapy, a new procedure that naturally and safely stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin. Notice results in your skin immediately!

Kobido Japanese Facial: A Unique Experience
This unique skin care treatment combined with massage therapy promotes remarkable change in the quality of skin. Learn more about this Eastern facial treatment offered at GG Marlene, the Skin Care Professionals.

Nourish, Revitalize, Rejuvenate: 100% Pure Oxygen Skin Care Therapy
GG Marlene is pleased to offer Oxygen Skin Care Therapy, known to have significant results in restoring skin from the effects of aging caused by the sun, free radical damage and exposure to pollutants. Increase the suppleness and elasticity of your skin!

Skin Care Products: The Real Skinny
With the myriad of skin products to choose from on the market today, how do you know which products are safe and effective? Learn more from the experts at GG Marlene about what to look for from your spa or skin care specialist when it comes to finding the correct skin care products.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a powerful ant-oxidant. It combats disease, including cancer as well as cardiovascular, degenerative and infectious disease. It slow the rate of free radical damage, provides, balances hormones, increases fertility, and it is essential to collagen production.

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