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The REJUVENI™ skincare brand and products were launched in January 2010 with the introduction of 15 exceptional products. Since that time, additional products have been introduced and some products have been replaced. This policy continues as new and better ingredients are developed resulting in even more effective products. We work with several skin care laboratories, which gives us the ability to select the best products from each one (a laboratory may be known for its serums but not cleansers etc).

REJUVENI™ is, therefore a unique brand. None of our products contain fillers; all ingredients are active and necessary and at their optimum percentage. The result is that our clients are receiving the most effective products that are superior to any mass-market product.

REJUVENI™ serums contain a very high content of active ingredients and outstanding delivery systems necessary to achieve the positive results desired by our clients.

REJUVENI ™ results-oriented skin care products blend the best of nature with science. In combination with REJUVENI™, GG.Marlene creates an unparalleled spa experience using powerful treatments and multi-active formulations that respect the skin and body’s complex physiology.

REJUVENI ™ products do not contain fillers or other unnecessary ingredients, Parabens, Phalates, Synthetic Fragrance or animal by-products. Our products are not tested on animals. Each REJUVENI ™ product contains 100% active and necessary ingredients.

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Daily Skin Care Solutions


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A pH balanced fragrance-free, paraben-free cleanser formulated for highly sensitive, rosacea-prone skin or for use following peels or post-operative surgery. A very mild creme that contains arnica and other soothing agents that reduce the appearance of inflammation and irritation, while encouraging healthy cellular regeneration. Suitable for sensitive/dry skin.

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Looking for a gentle and effective cleanser that cleans and removes excess oil without over stripping? Citrus Foaming Cleanser is a mildly foaming daily facial wash that sooths, hydrates and heals the skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily or combination skin.

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A refreshing, purifying cleanser that helps soothe, calm and balance acne-prone, oily and congested skin. Infused with a natural BHA acid, Willow Bark Extract, this BHA rich cleanser is an excellent choice for those who experience occasional breakouts or diminished vibrancy. Pore purifying essential oils blend offer anti- microbial properties and discourage bacterial growth. Suitable for oily, combination or acne prone skin.

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Replenish lost moisture with this non-irritating Pro-Vitamin Cleanser, derived from plants. This natural, hydrating vitamin, known for it's plumping effects, turns into pantothenic acid (commonly known as Vitamin B5). Your skin will feel firmer and looking more vibrant with every application. Suitable for all skin types.

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This two ounce non-comedogenic tinted hydrating cream reasonably protects the most sensitive skin against harmful sun exposure while moisturizing under daily makeup. Excellent for daily use or following plastic surgery. Recommended for all skin types. Use a more powerful sunblock, as usual, when fully exposed to the sun. See instructions on the label.

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SOLAIRE MOISTURIZER Broad Spectrum SPF55 - 2oz - $59.00

Assimilated in a silky, lightweight cream containing aloe vera and sunflower oil, Solaire Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SP55 calms and nourishes the skin, avoiding skin irritation and discomfort. It is a dynamic broad spectrum sun protection formula containing Zinc Oxide and Octinoxate for additional UV protection.

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LIQUID GOLD SERUM - .5oz - $108

This potent formula contains no fillers, parabens, waxes or oils. seven of the most powerful peptides together with Hyaluronic Acid, Vit E and Resveratrol and three anti-oxidants make it a superb ant-aging serum, softening and reducing wrinkles and fine lines, particularly around the eye and forehead areas. Hydrating ingredients ensure a well-balanced stratum corneum water-level. Suitable for all skin types. Total peptide amount of this product is over 70%.

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The perfect shield from the elements! This sunburn soothing protective serum creates a barrier on the skin. It is excellent for post microdermabrasion, post-op laser, sunburn and chemical peels. Suitable for all skin types.

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Hyaluronic Acid is a low molecular weight, plant-based product. It is recommended for hydration, dryness, scaling, redness, flakiness, itching, sunburn, post-laser treatment and peels, to firm and restore natural and youthful elasticity to the skin. Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) is far lower than other similar products because of the advanced fermentation process. Copper, zinc and magnesium are at their optimum percentage in order to promote skin tightening.

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PERFECT SKIN TONE - 1.0oz - $75.00

A very powerful serum combining seven skin brightening ingredients that address issues of age spots, brown spots, sunspots and other skin issues. Used correctly, this product will make a noticeable difference within four weeks. Suitable for all skin types.

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CELL ACTIVE SERUM - 1.7oz - $184.00

This light-weight serum addresses all signs of aging skin with five cell technologies in one product. The skin is energized within days, contours become more defined, firmness reruns, lines smooth and wrinkle are diminished.

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EYE CONTOUR RENEWAL SERUM addresses all the major changes that the aging eye experiences. Clinically tested, this luxurious gel addresses sagging upper and lower eye contours, deepens lines and wrinkles, under-eye circles, glycation and discoloration, dark shadows, sun damage, puffiness and general aging.

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NEW CONTROL PEEL SERUM - 1.7oz - $125.00

NEW CONTROL PEEL SERUM is a clinically-proven combination of soothing plant extract and AHA's that reduce the slight stinging effect of pure glycolic, while minimizing skin imperfections including fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pored resulting in fresh, smooth skin.

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VISIBLY HYDRA TONIQUE - 4.5oz - $30.00

A delicately refreshing toner that pampers the skin with natural-source humecticants and vitamins, while returning the skin to the ideal PH. Surface impurities are removed while soothing and smoothing skin texture. This nourishing daily-use toner will replenish even the driest skin. Suitable for all skin types.

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Botanical extracts enhance this alcohol-free toner, which hydrates and binds moisture to the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. Normal PH is restored while debris left from cleansing or environmental aggressors are gently swept away.

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H2 Curcuminoid Complex and Copper Tri-peptide-1 reduce signs of aging by firming the skin, reducing fine lines and inflammation resulting in a healthier skin with a more even appearance. Hydrogen gives all the beneficial ingredients the ability to penetrate to the cellular level for maximum effectiveness.

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INSTANT CALM AND SOOTHE- 1.12oz - $88.00

INSTANT CALM AND SOOTHE calms redness, itching, stinging, waxed skin, sunburn, rosacea, acne and other issues related to sensitive skin.

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INTENSIVE HYDRO INFUSION is a blend of natural plant lipids and vitamins that assist in repairing the skin's natural barrier while reprogramming dry, dehydrated, flaky, scaly, lipid-poor and hormonal skin for long-lasting softness.

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RETINOL FACIAL SKIN RENEWAL contains the purest form of Vitamin A which is blended with other scientifically-proven age-fighting complexes to gently smooth surface wrinkles, even skin tone and restore the skins youthful texture within days.

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SMOOTH LIPS - .5oz - $69.00

SMOOTH LIPS is an unique complex that repairs the signs of aging and feather lines in order to achieve smoother, fuller and more hydrated lips, without irritation.

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Youthful Nourishing Creme - 2.0oz - $69.00

YOUTHFUL NOURISHING CREME is a remarkanble luscious creme that instantly delivers continuous bursts of moisture, rehydrating surface lines and creepiness, while leaving the skin soft, moist and comfortable.

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ALL NATURAL SPF28 Sunscreen - 1.7oz - $59.00

ALL NATURAL SPF28 is a silky light-weight broad spectrum sunscreen containing 20% zinc oxide and other natural ingredients that provide sufficient sun protection together with skin soothing, moisturizing and anti-bacterial ingredients.

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SIX- 1.7oz - $97.00

This is a dual purpose product.Three natural moisturizers at their optimum percentage and extra strength, 1.7 ounce premium 500 mgs Hemp Extract for topical, fast acting pain and discomfort relief - 99% pure organic cannabidiol, derived from the Sativa stalks, leaves and flowers - CBD with no THC.

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Vitamin C & E Triple Action Formula - 1.12oz - $129.00

Vitamin C and E triple Action Formula is a multi-function cream that lightens hyperpigmentation, visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces and prevents clogged pores and calms signs of redness and irritation.

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Purifying Firming Mask - 2oz - $59.00

An innovative facial mask that simultaneously detoxifies and firms the skin. This mask contains a combination of soft absorbent clays, skin tightening bio-sugars and energizing and detoxifying plants. It visibly lifts, absorbs excess oil, purifies pores and removes polluted surface cells, while minimizing signs of aging.

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