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REJUVENI™ Intensive DermaQuench is manufactured by the same laboratory that produces mass market products for Perricone MD and Skin Deep Cosmeceutricals. REJUVENI? Intensive DermaQuench Serum active ingredients have been formulated for GG.Marlene and are at a higher percentage than the mass market products and have no fillers.

REJUVENI™ Intensive DermaQuench Serum is a low molecular weight, plant based hydrating product. It is recommended for hydration, dryness, scaling, redness, flakiness, itching, sunburn, post-laser treatments and peels to firm and restore youthful and natural elasticity to the skin. Trans-dermal water loss (TWEL) is far lower than other similar products, because of the advanced fermentation process. Copper, zinc and magnesium are at their optimum percentages in order to promote wound healing and scar reduction.

REJUVENI™ Intensive DermaQuench Serum is the most effective product of its kind on the market that we know of.

Outstanding hydrating serum
Low molecular weight for penetration
Very low trans-dermal water loss (TWEL)
Copper, zinc and magnesium benefits (see description)

All ingredients are active or necessary

Active Ingredients

Sodium Hyalonurate
Zinc Glutonatre
Magnesium Aspartate
Copper Gluconate

100% of the ingredients are active
Contains no parabens, fillers, oils, waxes or synthetic fragrance. Not tested on animals.

Instructions for use.

Apply to cleaned, toned and dry skin. Intensive Dermaquench Serum may be applied to the face and body twice a day or as needed; Follow with a REJUVENI™ moisturizer