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I had a facial in New York last week and all I could say when I got out was: thank God for Gigi! There is no-one quite like you! Leanna

"Gigi Marlene is at University and Military....and she's terrific. Skins care is all she does (though you can get other services at her salon.) She studies skin care, stays up to date, and has practiced for many years. Not like popping into a place where you can get nails, pedi and a facial.

She has developed her own line of products over the years, but she doesn't push them, though the faithful users, like me and my friend Eileen, have skin that attest to Gigi's expertise and great care.

I am not a “let's get Botox or a peel person”...not with the sun we have here. So, Gigi is the best line of defense for wrinkles etc with her monthly treatments. (I've missed a couple of months and it showed!)

She is a smart business owner and has a wonderful personal story. I think you'll like her, too." Leanna

"I have been going to GG Marlene for eight years because of the variety of fabulous facials. I love the tranquil setting and the wonderful staff. Oh, and by the way, the personal skin care product it! I would not go anywhere else." Candence

"I always thought facials were for the ladies! Tried it, liked it, won’t stop. The treatments and products have taken away that haggard look!" Fred

"I have had oily skin, break-outs and clogged pores most of my life. The facial treatments at GG Marlene and her custom developed skin care product line are clearing my pores and my skin tone and texture are much smoother. Thank you, GiGi, for your knowledge in skin care and your personal touch." Carolyn

"I just love the Intensive Youth Crème- it has worked wonders for my appearance." Ellie

"I have been coming to GG.Marlene for 12 years of great service, great products and a great attitude. What’s not to like?" Lindsey

"I must admit that I am truly amazed at how much better my skin looks… I was a mess and GiGi worked her magic…She is truly amazing." Mel

"My skin looks and feels so good…the best I ever had…you educated me on facts I did not know about my skin…the products are amazing too." Amie

"At GG.Marlene, a facial is not just a facial: it is an experience." Christine
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