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We concentrate solely on skin care to help you look and feel your best.

At GG Marlene, you will find a modern, chic, spotlessly clean day spa environment. GiGi will greet you with contagious enthusiasm, taking a sincere interest in your well being.

Each client is given a detailed consultation and skin analysis including an UV skin scan which adds 15 minutes to the recommended facial.

Because there is nothing constant in the field of skin care we place great emphasis on continuing education every year in order to keep up with the latest technology and products. As a result, our clients know that they are receiving the best possible treatment and service.

The GG Marlene REJUVENIā„¢ skin care product line has taken seventeen years to evolve resulting in the best products for our clients. Working with an esthetician, it will be determined which combination of skin care products are the best for your skin type.

Finally, our working hours are far from normal. We are more than willing to open early or stay late for you if you are unable to make an appointment during regular business hours. So, just pick up the phone and make an appointment. We believe you will be delighted with your decision to visit GG Marlene, the only day spa in Jupiter FL specializing in skin care.

About GiGi Fisher
GiGi Fisher was born in Quebec and moved to Florida to get away from the cold, rain and snow and into the sunshine. Starting off with a full cosmetology license in 1981 she became interested in skin care which has become her specialty since 1998 and she has not been out in the sun since! Her passion for skin care is quite apparent to her clients and her attendance at various courses and seminars every year increases her knowledge and scope of services as can be seen from the menu, particularly the "Exotic facials from around the world". A new facility was purchased in 2006 and incorporates three treatment rooms and one room devoted to consultation and skin analysis.

Excellent results achieved by GiGi have earned her the confidence of dermatologists and plastic surgeons, who often refer their patients to GiGi after cosmetic procedures.GiGi has also written articles on skin care and other subjects for a Florida newspaper and a national skin care magazine as well as being interviewed many times on the subject of skin care, hair removal, and skin care products on a local radio station.

About John Fisher
John, was born in England, graduated in English Language, English Literature, French, German and failed Russian! Having lived in Germany, he speaks fluent German, understands a little French and can, for the most part, get by in Spanish. He has visited 54 countries!

John started his career in insurance (Lloyds of London), enjoyed two years in public relations, spent many years selling specialized design industrial equipment, started up a subsidiary of an English company in the USA and eventually formed his own company selling corporate jet aircraft.

With his business background, he has guided the company over the years and has always been in charge of the financial aspect of GG.Marlene.

Many years ago, the company trademarked our product name REJUVENIā„¢. John has been instrumental in developing our product line, which evolves every year, as new ingredients are developed. We have visited many skin care laboratories and have a personal relationship with chief chemists and management of the ones with whom we do business today. He decides whether or not a product is worth looking at, we both try it for at least one month and decide if it is a worth while adding it to our product line. He has developed a knowledge of ingredients because of his relationship with the laboratories and has put in thousands of hours researching ingredients on the internet to find the truth; not an easy task! He also attends skin care conventions and seminars.

The result is that GG.Marlene has an extraordinary product line that, in itself, is unique. Every product contains only active or necessary ingredients at the optimum percentage with no unnecessary added water. Products purchased in box stores, drug stores, on the internet or MLM have enormous marketing costs, whereas the cost of our products is, quite simply, in the ingredients; we have no marketing costs and we could not afford to mass market our products because, if we added marketing costs, our products would be too expensive for a mass market.

The above is my opportunity to thank my husband for his support. You will rarely see him but a day does not go by where he is not involved in some way in GG.Marlene.
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